Dear Partners and Close Friends;

This letter is being sent to a select group of individuals and ministry partners.

Over the past 17+ years you have attended, prayed for, encouraged and 

supported this ministry; and for that, I am entirely grateful. Little do you

know during those times you were lifting the Strength Team to new heights.

Your support has sent us to the 4 corners of the world and to almost every

school house with a message of Hope! The people we have met and the

communities we have served on your behalf and the stories of changed lives

would bring peace to your heart and tears of joy to your eyes. You may never 

know the full impact of your support until we hit eternity.


Every Summer brings great opportunities to further the Ministries reach across the country and the world. This Summer we will be exhibiting at twice the conventions. Conventions are huge gatherings of church leaders and missionaries from across the country and the world. Most of our calendar's scheduled events are contributed to being at these conventions. 

These conventions take creative planning and many hours &

days of logistics to make each opportunity successful. 

The time, effort and finances have always proven worth the 

investment. In fact, it is one of the most important investments

of the year as we schedule most of our outreach events and 

mission projects from these conventions. We are asking for 100 people to pledge $50 or $50 people to pledge $100 help The Strength Team prepare for doubling our exposure and helping further our Mission into uncharted places in America and Beyond!

                                                                               MEXICO/CUBA MISSIONS  

                                                                                The Strength Team has an incredible opportunity                                                                                 to partner with other missionary groups                                                                                                 to present in Mexico City one the main CITY                                                                                         SQUARE This is one of the busiest and                                                                                                  highly populated areas in Mexico.The Strength                                                                                      Team will have an opportunity to display God                                                                                        given Strength and share HOPE of JESUS to Thousands in attendance! Right after this outreach, our team will travel to CUBA to work with special sports camps for students across Cuba. We will be sharing essential athletic skills while sharing the Gospel! Please join us in Pray and Support as we seek to raise $4,000 to cover all expenses.



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The Strength Team

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