Jon Andrickson, Team Leader

Jon Andrickson 6'-4" - 285lbs 

Jon was a star basketball player in high school and college. Although Jon was tall he wanted to increase his strength. His hobby of weightlifting and overall good health continued to develop throughout the years. He became a certified cardiovascular technologist and a personal trainer assisting others in obtaining their physical best through his knowledge of fitness and nutrition. He has worked with a Nutraceutical company maintaining and developing pro athletes performance. Jon was first introduced to the Strength Team while on a mission trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Strength Team quickly found that Jon was much more than physically strong. His love for his family, God and others were what impressed us the most. Jon's life has been radically changed by Jesus Christ and he lives to tell others about God's Love and Forgiveness. Jon's family is originally from the Dominican Republic, he is the only Strenght Team member that speaks fluent Spanish. 


Departure Airport: Miami, FL (MIA)


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