Heroes VBS




(These activities can be played multiple times to extend this period of VBS. They can also be modified in different ways)

Heroes in Training: 

This is an obstacle course that can be indoors or outdoors and modified for all ages. Click the image to see details and materials needed. This activity can be repeated each day if desired and each child can be timed as to come up with the fastest time from each grade or age group or boy or girl.

Tug a War:

This activity is the traditional Tug a War that is fun for all ages and teaches team work and perseverance. Adults and Volunteers can join in too. See image for details and materials needed.


Water Gun Fight: 

This is great for a final day of VBS activity. Usually the Host church would supply additional water guns, large and small for children that can't or don't bring their own from home. Usually you would split the whole group into two teams with adults and volunteers included. Then you would set up rules for shooting water into other eyes, etc. You can use the kid pool from the obstacle course as a refill station and you can use the obstacle course it self as bunkers and added terrain. We recommend having kids bring their own towels if they can and clothes to get wet in.


(these particular crafts correlate with the theme of "Being a Hero for God". Each day each child will be able to create an item of wearable gear that represents them personally. See daily themes and recommended craft for that day.)

Making your Hero Shirt

items needed:

-Kids T-Shirts (white http://www.wholesaleteeshirtstore.com)

-T-Shirt Paint (purchase online or at local craft store

Making your Hero Mask

items needed:

-multipul Elmers Glue bottles

(found @ www.orientaltrading.com)

-Hero Stickers: ITEM # in-13628737 

-Sticker Jewels: ITEM # in-48/2089

-Awesome Stickers: ITEM # in-57/2034

-Foam Sheets: ITEM # in=57/2009

Making your Hero Wrist Bands

items needed:

-multipul Elmers Glue bottles

(found @ www.orientaltrading.com)

-elastic string

-same items for Mask can be used for Wrist Bands

Making a Witnessing Bracelet (optional)

items needed:

(found @ www.orientaltrading.com)

-stretchy bracelet cord ITEM # in-13678775

(found @ www.ssww.com)

-assorted beads Item #:BE9000 (select these colors Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow)


How to each color allows a child to share the Gospel

-Black represents "the Sin that separates us from a relationship with God"

-Red represents "Christ's Blood that was shed for our sins on the Cross"

-White represents "we are New Creation in Christ now that we are Christians"

-Blue represents "Baptism as a sign of following after Christ"

-Green represents "our Growth in our relationship a Christians (reading the Bible, praying and communicating with God, attending church)

-Yellow represents "our eternal home Heaven"

GAMES: (games can be played as ice breakers or scheduled times within each days activities. Additional group games can be added at your own discretions)


Items needed:

-1 new plunger per team (2 teams recommended) 


-This usually involves 6+ on each team and a plunger and check basketball for each team. The object of the game is to balance the basketball in the plunger while you fast walk down and back. once your return back to your team you hand off the plunger to the next teammate. But if the basketball falls off the plunger at any time you have to stop and rest and continue with the relay. The Team that finishes first wins. (this game can be played multiple times and includes adult Leaders and up beat music) 


Items needed:

- At least 1 Hula hoop per team


-This usually involves 6+ on each team and One Large Hula Hoop per team. Each Team stand side by side each other and holds hands. The first person hold the hula hoop in their hand and when the game starts they will have to find a way to move the hoop to the person next to them with out letting go of their hand. This continues till the first team with the hula hoop at the end of their line wins. (this game can be played multiple times and includes adult Leaders and up beat music) 


Items needed:



-This game is similar to "Sharks and Minnows". Form a line on one end of the area. A shark is chosen to be placed in the middle of the play area. When the shark yells FREE! minnows try and run to the other designated side. If the shark tags you then you are now frozen in place but are on the sharks side. All that are frozen can move their arms to try and tag more minnows as they pass by. The minnow that is untagged wins.


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